Sunday, March 3, 2013

Welcome to Bonnie's Memorial Blog

Greetings, everyone.  Since Julie and I have reached the age of losing loved ones, we've found ourselves turning to online memorials as a proxy for what used to be sitting at gravesites.  I made a memorial blog for my father, and Julie has visited other online places for other close family and friends.   This blog is intended to serve the same purpose for Bonnie, and I will be happy to authorize her family and close friends to make your own posts on this blog.

Of course with Bonnie, there's another dimension - her celebrity.  It's been amazing since her passing to see how much she meant and still means to so many people out there.   A lot of them have been posting online, it's OK to see thoughful, respectful posting here, though I will probably start out moderating it.  I've also noticed that the family is interested in reading stories out Bon, so I'll set up some posts for people to link to coverage on the web.  Bonnie's fans can help us by posting links here, as a kind of group-curated centralization of content.

Hope this works out.  I encourage all posters to use real names.


(Photo from a 2011 workshop production of History of Marriage)


  1. You will live forever in my heart, Bon. Always and truly. I am so grateful for the role you played... not only on TV... but in my life. I wouldn't be the man I am today if I hadn't been loved by YOU. Until we meet again... xoxo

  2. What a Great woman Ms. Franklin was. Not only that but she was a great Actress as well. May she Rest in Peace. At least Ms. Franklin is no longer in pain and My sympathies to all of the family of this wonderful woman.

    Peace and Blessings to you all.
    Gregg Sweeney
    Columbus Ohio

  3. We've loved you for over 50 years Bonnie. That will always continue, even as we can't see you will live on in our hearts.
    Kevin Wilk and the Wilk Family
    Walnut Creek, CA

  4. We all will miss you Bonnie~ thanks for being so kind to me when you were in Pittsburgh Pa for "Afraid of the Virgina Wolfe"~ I will never forget your kindess ~ in the days I was sick and was unable to meet you and see the play~ you were very kind to send me a picture in the mail~ The world loves you and we all will miss your sweet smile~ A Kind Gentle Soul gone to soon~ Say hi to my other Fave Red Haired Comedy star too when your up there~ Give Lucy a big hug~ 2 Fave Red Haired Comedy Stars gone too soon~

  5. Thanks for the laughter, the tears, the smiles, the joy, and the memories. Bonnie Franklin is a national treasure who will never be forgotten. I grew up watching One Day At A Time, and still catch it in re-runs. There will never ever be another show of this caliber. Even though I never got the chance to meet Bonnie, in spirit, she made you feel wanted and that you mattered in this world. To the love and life of Bonnie Franklin and to all she touched in her life. RIP Ann Romano, you now have your angel wings.

  6. "What is it that we're livin' for"? The ones we love. Thanks, Bonnie for so many years of happiness!

  7. Ciao Bonn -
    Thinking of you today -
    Thanks for giving me a smile this morning
    Love Vito