Thursday, March 7, 2013

Your story... how did Bonnie affect you?

I've seen so many stories around the web now of people who were profoundly affected by something Bonnie did, either as herself or one of her characters.  We'd love people to share their stories in this topic.

"I'm listening!  Tell me all about it!"

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  1. I never met Bonnie Franklin except through her role as Anne Romano on "One Day At A Time." But that role still had a remarkable impact on my life.

    Back in 1998 I was engaged to be married. My fiancee one day decided to become my ex-fiancee for a variety of reasons that seemed... specious, is the kindest word I have for it. I didn't have anything to say to her that night and the next day, after she had left for work but before I went out the door, I stumbled upon one of the later episodes of "One Day At A Time." Barbara had recently gotten married and was living with her husband and several other people in a teensy apartment. Barbara was upset that her married life wasn't idyllically wonderful. So she heads back home, tells her tale of woe to Anne expecting sympathy and is told instead in no uncertain terms to go back home and "tend to her marriage." I thanked the universe for the subtle clue and went to work.

    That night I did my part to "tend to my (incipient) marriage." I made my pitch to my fiancee about why and how we should stay together,
    what I would do, what I was asking her to do. And so when my fiancee responded to my entreaty by simply walking out of the room, I knew that it was over. I gave it my best shot and could close the door on that relationship. Nine months later I met Ruth Anne who I am still with to this day and with whom I now have two darling twin daughters.

    And I owe it in no small part to the role your mother-in-law played, Glenn.

    Thank you for letting me share this story; I hope this along with the many memories you have of bring light to your life.